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6 July 2016

DxO has updated OpticsPro, its flagship image editing software, to version 11.1. The new version features support for six new cameras and 1,037 new camera/lens combinations as well as new image comparison features and bug fixes.

The new cameras supported in this version include the Nikon D500, Sony A68, Canon 1DX Mark II/1300D and Olympus PEN E-PL6/PEN F.

The 1,037 new camera/lens Optics modules combinations bring the total of supported combinations to 30,868. Which, we hasten to reassure you, OpticsPro installs only as necessary.

Split Display. New comparison views include this split (note the blue highlighted tool). A control button on the divider (outside this crop) adjusts the split.

New image comparison features available in fullscreen mode include:

  • Quick Before/After comparison
  • Horizontal/Vertical split to display one half of the image uncorrected and the other corrected

Minor bugs reported by DxO's internal software team have also been fixed, the company said.

As usual, the easiest way to update is simply to launch OpticsPro. A dialog box will alert you that a new version is available and offer to install it.

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