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12 July 2016

We walked right by. Then we stopped. And, without raising any suspicions, we turned around and walked back to this gate. It made us smile.

The Fine Print. Sometimes a simple 'No Tresspassing' isn't sufficient.

As two of the signs tell you, it's the Portola Substation (an electrical facility, we presume, inasmuch as Pacific Gas & Electric's logo is on one of the signs).

The biggest sign (you really have to laugh at this) is illegible.

Then we have an indecipherable diamond whose squares are in primary colors. That W does not mean No Restroom, though. The sign is a NFPA 704, the National Fire Protection Association's way of identifying hazardous materials for emergency response. the W, for example, means don't throw water on it.

More than we need to know, perhaps. Nevertheless, we're not done yet.

There's a Danger sign, two Notices, a Caution sign, a Warning sign, a No Parking sign and a sign posting a 24 hour emergency number.

But not everyone can read.

So there's a nice big padlock and some metal spikes on the top of the wooden gates (which would deter only birds, we suspect).

We looked at it, smiling for a minute, before doing what Walker Evans would have done. Taken the picture, that is.

Any questions?

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