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15 July 2016

The bunker we work from is located halfway between two Post Offices. We always get a choice. The other day we chose the Post Office that takes us by Glen Canyon Park.

Trailhead. A little city, a little country.

A year ago we presented Glen Canyon Park in a slide show and we don't like to revisit the scenes of our crimes. But as we passed by we noticed a new sign where there had never been a sign at all.

Curious what it had to say, we walked off the sidewalk to read it. And enticed by the news that it offered a new trail behind the homes to the Post Office, we decided to take the trail instead of return to the sidewalk.

Down the rabbit hole we went.

This would be the northern-most entrance to the canyon, which remains what it has always been. San Francisco before San Francisco.

But to see San Francisco before San Francisco you have to shed the city. The new trail does that, turning away from the high school at the top corner of the canyon and winding around abandoned basketball courts into the covered, newly-manicured trail.

It was a foggy day with the moisture beading up on a few leaves. So we took some close-ups with the Micro Four Thirds camera we had with us.

We were only a few yards from civilization but after the chain link fence surrounding the high school, you'd never know it. We came out of the rabbit hole after crossing a small bridge over the creek and could see across the canyon.

If we didn't tell you we were in San Francisco a few blocks from the bunker, you'd never guess. It doesn't look urban.

We climbed out of the canyon and through Christopher Park to the Post Office where we bought some stamps and mailed a bill. Which is something that never happen around the canyon, we suspect, before San Francisco was San Francisco.

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