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9 August 2016

Chris Sanderson has announced the August 2016 winners of the Luminous Endowment grants. The grants were established by Michael Reichmann, who passed away in May.

Twice a year the Luminous Endowment awards grants to photographers based on project submissions to one of 11 grants. Nine grants open to competition in this period, Sanderson said.

"The standard of submissions was higher than ever and the competition fierce with many compelling entries from countries around the world. Our deep thanks and respect to all those who submitted grant applications, to the jury members who judged the nearly two hundred submissions and of course, to the individuals and corporations who fund the grants," he added in announcing the winners.


  • Michael Reichmann Grant to Zachary Roberts for An American Family
  • Luminous Landscape Grant to Drew Harty for The Retail Landscape
  • The Southern Exposure Grant to Dustin Angell for Florida Stewards
  • LensWork Publication Skills Grant to Eric Myrvaagnes for Publication Design Grant
  • The Mylio Grant to Ana V Ramirez for The Things We Leave Behind
  • The Greater China Grant to Kai Loeffelbein for Made in China
  • Alan J. Zelina Emerging Young Photographer Grant to Daniel Lombardi for Homeless at the End
  • The Explore Armenia Grant to Hayk Melkonyan for Armenia: Off the beaten paths
  • DxO One Grant to Vivek Prabhu for Road to Nyapyidaw


Another round of Luminous Endowment Grants will open for submissions in the fall and be awarded in early 2017.

For more information, visit the Luminous Landscape.

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