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15 August 2016

We work, oddly enough, in nearly complete silence. We can hear things, of course. The mailbox cover flapping in the wind. The crows cackling at a red-tailed hawk. Dogs barking (always dogs barking). The rush of traffic. The gas-driven tools of the professional gardeners.

Detail. A small crop showing the musical quality of these succulents.

Not to mention the sound of the keyboard clacking away in short bursts, the mouse clicking, a finger sliding across the trackpad. As we work in nearly complete silence.

Now as we edit the images, we're struck
by the shape of those leaves.

We thought of that as we cropped this detail from a larger image of a few succulents we wandered across the other day. We only took two shots but we're finding we can crop a half dozen images out of them. A series.

What struck us at the time was the light in front of us spilling over their leaves, highlighting the edges, making some of those leaves nearly transparent.

Now as we edit the images, we're struck by the shape of those leaves. The curves. The wild and crazy curves of those leaves.

They look like music to us sitting here in silence. A melody rising up to the top of the image, a chorus playing out on the side.

Which made a great way to break the silence around here today.

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