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22 August 2016

We listened to the news on the radio twice to avoid getting out of bed this morning. "Why torture yourself?" we grumbled. We got out of bed and got rolling.

Red Chert. Formidable wall of rock on Twin Peaks.

We curated the photography news of the day before answering our email. Then we set up some tethered product shots for an upcoming review.

It didn't take us long to realize we didn't like the tethering setup. Wrong lens, wrong lighting, awkward tripod location. It's a small product with some tiny details.

What to do?

We used the same Micro Four Thirds camera we used to shoot this hill on Twin Peaks, actually. And the same kit lens. To get the macro shots, we held a Lensbaby macro converter lens in front of the kit lens. To our surprise, it worked. We got exactly what we wanted -- and a little more.

Hey, sometimes Monday rocks.

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