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1 September 2016

We published 78 stories in Photo Corners Volume 5 Number 8, all of which have been archived into a convenient table of contents reminiscent of the monthly magazines of another era.

But we are decidedly not of another era.

Last month's production included 20 Features, 28 commented News stories, 28 Editor's Notes (including over 115 items of interest) and two Site Notes.

If it appears like we took a little vacation from reviews, allow us to correct that perception. We've actually been grinding away at over half a dozen reviews at the same time. We just haven't completed any of them yet. But they've mostly moved on from the test stage to the write-up stage. So September should be bursting with them.

WHEN OUR FINAL STATS for readership show up tomorrow morning, we expect to easily have set a new high for unique sites. Not only did we not suffer the denial of service attacks of last month, but we got a few social media mentions too.

We remain one of the best kept secrets in this overcrowded sector.

We remain one of the best kept secrets in this overcrowded sector.

But we're sticking to our guns. We aren't here to demand your attention every few hours. We're here to deliver everything you should know about each day -- and nothing you really don't need to be bothered with. If we're doing this right, you're spending more time shooting and editing than surfing our site. And we don't think many other sites in this business can say that.

TOP STORY for this month was a tie between our Minnesota Street slide show and the Rawson matinee (which, we have to laugh, was picked up the next week by every other site -- but we're usually first with things anyway).

Not far behind them, though, was our coverage of Land & Sea, a new image editor for underwater images.

WE CONTINUE TO ENJOY some real productivity gains moving AppleScript droplets and shell scripts into Keyboard Maestro. Seems to be no end to what you can do with Keyboard Maestro. We'd call it low coding but it's really about putting the power of automation into the hands of the people who do the work instead of, say, the devout framework crowd scrumming in their vestments all day with little to show for it.

At the same time we made some changes to our indices. In the four years we've been publishing Photo Corners our indices have grown rather large. They were begging for more obvious navigation methods and we think we've delivered them.

That also allowed us to participate in a beta ad program with B&H that should be delivering more relevant ads to you. B&H's trick is to read all of your cookies to see what you're interested in and show you ads targeted to your interests.

But before we agreed to participate, we made sure the company would honor your do-not-track preference. And we also wrap their code in our own so subscribers don't have to participate at all.

WE DID A LOT of behind the scenes work in August that you should reap the benefits of in September. But don't let that stop you from supporting our efforts in whatever way you are most comfortable.

This is one site that really does deserve your active support.

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