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2 September 2016

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention (with more than 140 characters). This time we look at Capa House, a Rio workflow, event photography as a supplemental shooter and Live Photos.

  • Kate Connolly reports the Capa House in Leipzig, where photographer Robert Capa capture "the last man to die" in World War II, has become a memorial after a group of Leipzigers saved the building from demolition. Includes the image, a rare 1947 radio interview, a transcript of Capa telling the story of his best picture and more.
  • Joe McNally's Rio Workflow shows you what it's like to cover a major sporting event, getting up at 5-6 a.m. and working to 1-2 a.m. every day with what gear and how to carry it despite what restrictions before culling the keepers in Photo Mechanic and shuffling them to PhotoShelter for post processing by the staff. Exhausting but exhilarating.
  • In Some Event Photography, Jim Kasson writes about not being the official photographer at two weddings. With a revealing post mortem on what focal lengths and apertures he used (for 5,000 images). Good advice, too. "You're not going for the classic, impeccably-lit images," he explains, "but rather the natural-looking ones, kinda like the shots that appear in iPhone ads but are rarely achieved with actual iPhones." It also requires "staying out of the main photographer's pictures." But you knew that, right?
  • Kate Wesson explains how to use Live Photos on an iPhone 6s. Both capture and playback. And sharing. But you can't edit one and prolonged exposure to 1.5-second clips may seriously restrict your attention span.

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