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2 September 2016

Sierra Point is part of the 500-mile Bay Trail circling San Francisco and San Pablo Bays, invading 47 cities and nine counties while crossing seven toll bridges. It's exhausting just describing the trail but we took a short hike along the flat Sierra Point section the other day.

Sierra Point. Refreshingly flat.

Flat, yes. We can't leave the bunker without confronting a hill. And being at the top of a hill, coming home is always the hardest part. The idea of being able to walk along a flat trail counts as a luxury to us.

And the Bay Trail provides that luxury where it sidles alongside the bay itself. Sierra Point is just one stretch. But all along the eastern side of the San Francisco peninsula, you can find nice flat stretches of the Bay Trail.

You can also find business parks. And if you happen to work in one of them, you probably spend your lunches and breaks along the Bay Trail.

On the weekends, those business parks only look deserted. You'll find lots of people walking and even biking the trails. It's a popular form of recreation for people of all ages and cultures.

On our trip, we happened to run across a Hawaiian luau complete with festive music, an outdoor wedding and a fisherman relaxing in a tent while his pole did all the work. Everyone who passed us in the other direction said hello with a smile on their face. Recreation will do that to you.

Oh, and did we mention it was sunny? No small thing during our usual fog-filled summer.

If we have a complaint about the Bay Trail at Sierra Point it's that it wasn't particularly scenic. This has ramifications for someone walking around with a camera.

But as soon as we got out of the car, we started shooting.

It was the color. We just loved the color. We felt like we were in the Southwestern United States with, say, Georgia O'Keeffe stirring up some pigments to capture the deep sky, the blanched dessert. Spending a summer in the fog will do that to you.

We strolled south toward Oyster Point to the Brisbane Marina where we could see the wedding festivities at Dominic's at Oyster Point safely from a distance. Dominic's is conveniently situated next to The Inn at Oyster Point. Both are just outside Oyster Point Park, which has a nice sandy beach.

The Bay Trail isn't complete yet. The Bay Trail Map shows you what's been developed, what hasn't and how to get from one section to another. And where you can fish, too.

Because, you know, you do get hungry even walking along a flat trail.

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