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14 September 2016

If you had told us we'd be shooting the 10,000th frame on our Nikon D300 of the lovely opera singer Irene Roberts singing Berloiz's D'amour l'ardente flame, we would have wondered who else would be there. The ardent flame of love, however, seems to pertain more to the Nikon's reliability than Roberts' Marguerite.

Ten Thousandth Frame. You just never know.

As the program notes for last Sunday's Opera in the Park explain:

In his deal with the Devil, the aging scholar Faust regained his youth and seduced the beautiful young Marguerite. He has now abandoned her and in this aria she longingly awaits his return, pondering the "ardent flame of love."

Well, we suspect Faust was occupied elsewhere with his camera. You have no idea where the things will take you when you grab onto them. And being along for the ride is always a thrill. You just can't let go.

And, if our French can be relied upon half as much as our D300, Marguerite will be waiting for you when you get back anyway.

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