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15 September 2016

Claude tunes 21 today, not a bad feat for an albino alligator (they can't hide by blending into their surroundings). There's a party at the Academy of Sciences tonight at 6 p.m. to help him celebrate. But we thought we'd start the party early.

Claude. Up close and personal, showing a few of his 76 teeth.

We took these with a Panasonic FZ150 five years ago. He would have still had his learner's permit then. And he pretty clearly didn't have much experience shaving yet.

But he already had that winning smile.

Drying Out. His favorite -- and only -- rock, heated to 95 degrees for him.

The party will include a performance by the Alonzo King LINES Ballet, Creole cuisine courtesy of the Academy Cafe and a special appearance by Pete, the Academy's albino python. And plenty of science stuff, of course, courtesy of UC Berkeley's Museum of Paleontology.

We also understand "Gator-Ade" cocktails will be served. Claude), we suspect, would prefer a white Russian or Cosmopolitan.

Claude could live as long as 80 years, we're told. But that's nothing. The species has been around since the Paleocene epoch about 37 million years ago.

None of them, though, will have had a party like Claude will tonight. Wear your crocs!

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