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23 September 2016

With school back in session, our Friday morning garbage pickups come bright and early. Both the green yard waste truck and the blue recycle truck endeavor to beat the morning drop-off congestion.

Sunrise. Before the street lights turned off.

We like to beat it too, bringing the bins in before we sit down to curate the photography news that shows up in the morning Horn. No sense leaving empty bins out there.

But this morning, as we rolled them both in, we were struck by the rose light on the steeple up the hill and the clear few of the broadcast tower beyond. Both structures are celebrated in jewelry and, well, T-shirts.

We grabbed the camera by the door and took a shot or two, unconcerned by the garbage bins still on the street or the signs on the sidewalk.

It was, after all, the morning light that struck us.

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