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30 September 2016

We're not jumping the gun on tomorrow's Worldwide Photowalk produced by KelbyOne and sponsored by Canon. We're actually just reminding you about it. Last we looked, there were 22,921 people signed up for 1,072 walks.

PhotoWalk 2009. A good time was had by all.

We had a ball when we participated in 2009, which is when we took today's slide show images. We used two cameras. Our Nikon D200 with an 18-200mm Nikkor and a Sony HX1 we were reviewing (those images in the slide show start with the bamboo). The Olympus E-P1 was just out then, too, and one happy member of our party had one stashed in her purse.

The particular walk we joined was led by Tom Hogarty, who at the time was the sole product manager for Adobe Lightroom. After the walk we sat down with him and Zalman Stern, who was working on Camera Raw then, for chat about the state of the art. Stern has since move on to Google.

Photographers are nice people. And we inevitably spent more time talking than shooting.

The walk itself was a leisurely stroll around Adobe's brick building south of Market St. If 50 people can be said to stroll leisurely. Along the way we snapped photos of whatever caught our eye in that neighborhood full of interesting sights.

Photographers are nice people. And we inevitably spent more time talking than shooting.

We explained to one of our fellow walkers how to use the EV settings on his camera to bracket shots for an HDR image (which was all the rage then). And we showed someone else the range of our 18-200mm zoom (which was impressive in its day) and what a polarizing filter could do for blue skies and white clouds.

Everyone within earshot laughed when we promised to show them something no other camera could do, as if we were a carnival barker. But we did have a trick up our sleeve this time. The little Sony HX1 could take a panorama in a single sweep. That was new then too.

A Sweep Panorama. Phones couldn't do this then but the HX1 could.

The photos we took on that walk never really struck us as worth working on but Lightroom has come a long way since 2009, too. And it was fun today to pick a few of the images and put them through the Upright tool and Dehaze (on those dresses shot through a window) as well as sprinkle a little Clarity on them.

The last shot shows some members of the group resting after the walk on the steps of the Adobe building before we all went inside for a short presentation (and pizza). You can see the DSLRs and camera bags in vogue then.

Tomorrow it will all be different. Different people, different gear, a different time of year, too.

But one thing will be the same. Photographers are still very nice people.

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