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22 October 2016

We made a couple of tiny tweaks to the site in the last week that are, in themselves, not noteworthy. But they do introduce a couple of topics that are worth discussing.

The first tweak involved changing the link on our main pages formerly known as RSS/Twitter to FOLLOW. That was more than a label change, though.

On the page that link goes to we added a section about our Apple News feed. That's been active since Apple News has been active. But last week Apple distributed a button to advertise it.

The button doesn't do you any good on your computer but if you're reading the site on an iOS device that supports Apple News, it will take you right there.

And rather than turn our link into RSS/Twitter/Apple News, we just made it a simple FOLLOW.

But it's worth pointing out you have your choice of ways to follow daily developments here.

We still recommend the RSS feed because you can get the full text that way. We do tweet every story and Apple News parses our RSS feed to get every story too. If you follow us on Google+ or LinkedIn, you just hear about the reviews, features, slide shows and matinees. You don't get notified of our news coverage.

The second tweak should be more difficult to detect.

We dropped the XML format for our Calendar in favor of JSON, also known as JavaScript Object Notation. We never used XML as anything more than a data format for the Calendar.

That shrinks the size of the data file a bit, lets us avoid using a unique ID for each entry and allows us to easily add HTML in the description field. Our AJAX library just as easily parses JSON as XML so the only thing we had to do was convert the format of the data file and call a different library. All the filters and sorting worked exactly the same.

And just to get familiar with the new format, we updated the listings today.

As always, let us know if you run into any issues using the Feedback button below.

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