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31 October 2016

Berlin-based publisher Distanz Verlag has announced a forth-coming monograph on the work of Janet Sternburg. Showcasing two decades of the artist's work, Janet Sternburg: Overspilling World includes texts by art historian Pepe Karmel, photographer Catherine Opie, curator Alexandra von Stosch and filmmaker-photographer Wim Wenders.

Sternburg. Splendor (1999) and Siren (2011).

Wim Wenders notes in the foreword, "Photographers don't have eyes in the back of their heads. Janet Sternburg does. This book makes you understand the act of seeing and the reflection that might lead to a photograph in a whole new way."

Of her own work featured in the new title, Sterburg has said, "My work is about revealing an interpenetrating world. To that end, I use no manipulation whatsoever. I work with single-use and iPhone cameras because their limitations give me what I want, images that are close to the way our minds work."

Janet Sternburg: Overspilling World will be available late in November, Distanz Verlag said.

Distanz Verlag Publishes 'Janet Sternburg: Overspilling World'

Artist's first monograph launches in November

LOS ANGELES/BERLIN -- Distanz Verlag presents artist Janet Sternburg's first monograph Janet Sternburg: Overspilling World. The publication showcases nearly two decades of work by the photographer and author. The book also includes texts by art historian Pepe Karmel; photographer Catherine Opie; curator Alexandra von Stosch; and filmmaker-photographer Wim Wenders. The new monograph will be celebrated with a series of book-launch presentations, featuring talks and book signings with Sternburg in Milan, Berlin, Paris and Los Angeles.

As Wim Wenders notes in his foreword, "Photographers don't have eyes in the back of their heads. Janet Sternburg does. This book makes you understand the act of seeing and the reflection that might lead to a photograph in a whole new way."

Sternburg explores the boundaries of perception, revealing how photography can render the complex imagery that our mind creates. Working without any digital or optical manipulation, the artist employs disposable cameras and early iPhone cameras to take her photographs. She utilizes their technical limitations to portray the conflations of time and space present in a single moment, what French philosopher Maurice Merleau-Ponty calls 'an over-spilling world.' Sternburg's works are images of consciousness -- its fluidity and porosity -- fused with everyday life.

Overspilling World traces the artist's development as an established writer who first picked up a disposable camera in 1998 while staying in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Sternburg's later beginnings as a photographer have given her freedom from conventions. Often shooting through windows, she uses reflection not to mirror but rather to blur conventional separations between inside and outside, solid and fluid, subject and object. At times, the abstraction of shapes and colors give the works a painterly quality. Above all, Sternburg's work conveys her revelation of seeing and the ever-changing movement of mind and experience.

Sternburg (b. Boston, 1943) lives and works in Los Angeles and San Miguel de Allende. She has exhibited her work internationally including solo shows in Berlin, Korea, Mexico, New York and Los Angeles. Sternburg's photographs have appeared in extensive portfolios in Aperture, Art Journal and The Behavior of Light, the catalogue that accompanied the American Embassy-sponsored tour of her work throughout Germany. Her work is also included in major private collections and the permanent collection of the USC Fisher Museum of Art, Los Angeles. Upcoming solo exhibitions will be shown at Contrasto Galleria, Milan, in spring 2017 and the USC Fisher Museum of Art in September 2018.

She is also the author of such books as the iconic The Writer On Her Work and, most recently, White Matter: A Memoir of Family and Medicine. In her essay for Overspilling World, she writes of the connections between her images and her words. For more on Sternburg's work, visit:

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