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1 November 2016

We always get that battery-charging sense of accomplishment when we archive another issue of Photo Corners. And that's what we've just done with Volume 5, Number 10.

October was quite a month here.

We published 77 stories, of which 14 were Feature stories, 30 News stories, 24 Editor's Notes (with at least 84 items of interest), five Reviews and four Site Notes.

We're glad we were finally able to publish some reviews that have been sitting on our desk (and hard drive) half-finished for months. We still have a few to go, though. And we're pleased to be able to provide you with that many feature stories each month, too. That's a lot more bang for your buck than the old photo magazines used to deliver.

READERSHIP hit new highs for us -- and by large margins. Our unique sites obliterated the old record as did our average daily visits (even before we get final tallies later today). Those are two stats that matter a lot to us.

Readership hit new highs for us -- and by large margins.

Less meaningful is the number of bytes transferred but it still happens to matter. We had exhausted our bandwidth allocation about mid-month and had to buy more bandwidth to continue serving the site through the end of the month.

That had to do with Amazon going through the site. But the second half of the month also saw increased use. And by the end of the month, we hit another bump, this one more sustained that has us serving about ten times more data than usual.

So if you're new to the site, welcome. We built it for you. So don't be shy. Let us know how we're doing.

OUR TOP STORY this month was the matinee about Kim Barker's wildlife rehab photography. It was closely followed by our review of Michael Freeman's Fifty Paths to Creative Photography. And guess what followed that in third place? The Richard Bram matinee. To round out our heaviest hits, the Miops Smart review took fourth place.

We're glad to see our features and reviews score so well. But as we've pointed out before, when we look back over the month a few days into the next month, we find everything we publish gets a substantial audience. The longer something is up, the more readers it gets. Nothing gets old fast here.

SITE TWEAKS were relatively modest but we like to report them anyway so you know what we're up to. Our new format for the indices has passed the test of time already (we really like it) and our switch to JSON from XML for the Calendar has made updates a lot easier for us.

We did add one new affiliate: Target. And we are exploring other sources of support. But our primary support comes from you directly when you subscribe.

And for that we want to thank you. You show uncommonly good taste.

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