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11 November 2016

We'd heard the surf would be tempestuous with up to twenty-foot waves. So when we biked over to our offset location to drop off a few more DVDs and thumbdrives for safe-keeping, we rolled the rest of the way down the hill to see.

Indeed, the Pacific was roiling in an erie light. Waves were breaking even beyond the surf. And with no wind to encourage them. Something had upset the ocean itself.

We kept our distance, shooting with the Olympus E-PL1 and a Lensbaby Twist 60, which gave us more of a 120mm effect on that sensor. And still we cropped these images so you could see a bit more detail.

It wasn't easy keeping up with the waves. The EVF has a significant lag so for the second set of these, we stabilized the camera on the sea wall and shot with Continuous mode, watching the action live after we'd framed the scene.

Tiring of trying to catch the action in the surf, we turned the lens into the light on a few beach scenes.

We biked down the Great Highway stopping just once more for another view of the action.

It was misty there, the sunlight diffused. If you looked up high enough, you'd see just a hint of blue. If you looked down, you'd see brown sand. But in between was white.

We thought that would make for nice monochrome images. And we did try the fisherman in black-and-white. But, in the end, the color version was monochrome enough and we liked seeing that blue in the sky.

It was, all in all, a strange day at the beach.

Working on these in Lightroom, we relied on the Dehaze slider just a bit to bring back some color. Our crops are severe, at least for the wave images.

Tiring of trying to catch the action in the surf, we turned the lens into the light for a few beach scenes. Those are among our favorites from this shoot.

We wanted to go back with either a longer lens or no bike to drag along in the sand. But the weather didn't cooperate. It was sunny the next day but the mist was heavy on the coast. A veil shrouded the big waves crashing violently on the beach.

As if they no longer wanted to bothered.

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