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16 November 2016

Lemkesoft has released GraphicConverter 10.2, the Swiss Army knife image editing utility, with 15 new features and 28 updated ones in addition to a few bug fixes. It's the first update since version 10.1 was released on July 29.


The full list of new features includes:

  • Option to remember last browser selection and position
  • Added support for editing Spotlight comment
  • Added basic focus stacking
  • Added more sort into subfolder variants
  • Added color balance batch
  • Added context menu function to copy Fuji filmmode into xmp subject code
  • Added Photos extension "Edit with GraphicConverter 10"
  • Added Crop Portrait batch
  • Added Arranged Fullscreen Preview
  • Added FPX import with helper commandline tool
  • Added select similar
  • Added preference to open/save slide show setting presets
  • Added preset selection to Slide Show file selector
  • Added paste into red/green/blue channel
  • Added option to import x3f files with x3f_extract


Updated features include:

  • Updated Japanese localization
  • Updated Danish localization
  • Updated French localization
  • Updated Portuguese localization
  • Save menu item by default only enabled after change
  • Updated ExifTool
  • Updated DynaPDF
  • Updated dcraw
  • Set Exif date can adjust movie dates, too
  • Click into rating matrix onto the current rating will clear the rating
  • Added rename option "Add HDR"
  • Reveal in Finder during slide show with command + cursor up key added
  • Option to display metadata in slide show as overlay added
  • Option to display filename in slide show with random horizontal location added
  • Added preview to catalog printing
  • Set Exif date from filename supports MOV/MP4 in addition
  • Added option to hide movie controls during slide show
  • Animation palette supports marking of frames for deletion
  • Added checking of XMP record size during opening a file
  • Added support for export of CMYKA TIFFs
  • Scale to last values with special menu items for width and percentage
  • Improved sorting prefs (general/misc)
  • Added CCITT3 and CCITT4 PDF export
  • Compiled on 10.12 with XCode 8
  • Improved service menu display
  • Enhanced FFT support
  • Added note if user tries to browse pass-code protected and untrusted iOS device
  • Added option to display basic Exif data in the window footer


GraphicConverter 10.2 requires Mac OS 10 10.9 or higher.


The $39.95 utility is available directly from Lemkesoft or, with reduced functionality, from the Mac App Store. Upgrades from version 9 are $25.95.

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