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28 November 2016

When we were young, we carried a harmonica around. The only song we really knew was the Beatles' Yesterday but we could fake anything else by ear and the thing saved us from having to learn the words to any song, a virtue we prized.

Seal Rocks. As the sky cleared.

Ah, yesterday. It was the last day of the Thanksgiving weekend and everywhere you went in San Francisco there were more people than usual. Some had returned to the family homestead for the holiday. Others were visiting for the duration. A few of us had just popped out for a little fresh air.

We all wanted to see the sights. To visit places remembered or heard about or seen in pictures. So we were out there in rentals or SUVs or antiques, patiently waiting for parking places and watching out for the clueless amateur Uber and Lyfte drivers as they ferried a few people from place to place.

We all wanted to see the sights. To visit places remembered or heard about or seen in pictures.

We ended up at the Cliff House for no special reason. There were lines outside Louie's, the Lands End Outlook was full of visitors buying souvenirs and the Sutro ruins below were overrun with adventurers.

We looked westward, though. The waves were up, the overcast sky breaking into blue and the rocks below us wet with mist as the wind blew inland.

We framed a few shots but this was the last one.

Back at the bunker, we tried processing it several ways in Photoshop. It was hard to salvage the blue in the sky, which bothered us. There was quite a bit of noise, too.

So we turned to Piccure+ to process the DNG we'd converted from the Olympic Raw format. And then we worked on that TIFF a bit, primarily to undo a little distortion correction. But, in the end, we liked what we saw in Camera Raw.

There was that blue in the sky. The sea was green. The rocks in sharp contrast. Far in the distance you can make out a bump that's a freighter and further left a bit hazier are the Farallon Islands 30 miles away.

That was yesterday. But there's something timeless about it. No matter how often you've seen it, you want to go there to see it again. And when you do, it will look like this.

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