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30 November 2016

In a blog post today, Google's John Nack announced that Snapseed 2.13 had started rolling out with several new features:

  • An improved user interface for editing parameters
  • iOS gets the dedicated White Balance tool Android has had
  • Raw files captured with a creative setting will show default Raw color

For more information see the text of the blog post below.

Snapseed Enhances White Balance, Raw Support and More

More powerful & easier to use; I'll let the team explain:

Snapseed 2.13 started rolling out today. This version includes an improved UI for selecting and changing parameters. In addition to swiping up and down to choose parameters, you can now also tap the adjust icon on the bottom bar to bring up a tap-enabled parameter selector. The selected parameter will always be shown as a slider at the top of the screen. To adjust the parameter you can still swipe left and right anywhere on the screen as before.

On iOS, this release now also includes the dedicated White Balance tool that got launched on Android a while ago. This tool allows you to adjust the colors in your photo to look more natural. Just choose the auto correct option or use the included color picker for fine control.

Finally, when opening Raw images that have been captured with a creative setting on your camera Snapseed will now show the default Raw colors. Previously the embedded color profiles sometimes limited the creative choices in editing your Raw files.

Your feedback is, as always, most welcome!

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