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11 January 2017

Let the buildings keep our children dry," Jackson Browne sang in Before the Deluge. January has been brutal around here with torrential rains pelting the place and 65-mph gusts rattling the old bunker's walls. We watch the water being blown uphill until the windows bowing in scare us back to the computer screen.

Then, you know, it stops. The rain falls softly. The wind lets up. The ocean comes back into view. Stars twinkle again.

And you look out the next morning on the patio and see the empty blue flower pot is full of rain water lapping gently in the breeze.

So you grab a camera.

We grabbed the Nikon D300 we continue to consider our flagship around here. It had a polarizer on the lens so when we looked through the viewfinder we didn't see this lovely sheen on the surface of the water. Polarizers eliminate glare like that. We could see straight through the water.

But a little twist of the polarizer was all it took to return the image to what we liked about it. Twisting in the wind, you might say.

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