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12 January 2017

Leica Camera has expanded its Leica Akademie programs for 2017 in North America to include the inaugural international Destination photography trips to India and Myanmar.

The Destination workshops are "designed to be completely exclusive, customized trips for photographers who want a once-in-a-lifetime experience," the company said. They feature instruction from master photographers and meticulously planned itineraries, along with time for photographic exploration and comfortable amenities like single room occupancy.

In addition to Destinations, Leica is also offering a Masterclass series, landscape workshops and one day Leica product workshops.

For the full list with links see the news release below.

Leica Camera Inc. Announces 2017 Leica Akademie North America Workshops

International Destination workshops join a collection of new workshop experiences designed for every level of skill

Leica Camera has announced the expansion of its Leica Akademie program for 2017, including the inaugural international Destination photography trips to India and Myanmar.

These intimate Destination workshops are designed to be completely exclusive, customized trips for photographers who want a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The workshops will feature instruction from master photographers, meticulously planned itineraries, designed to provide more time for photographic exploration and comfortable additions, such as single room occupancy.

On Destination: India Oct. 9 to 20, documentary and street photographer Craig Semetko will return to the country that captured his heart and became the subject of his photo book, India Unposed. Craig will lead an intimate group of attendees to three cities during the workshop, during which they will photograph Diwali's explosive celebrations and experience street photography in one of the most vibrant locations in the world.

For Destination: Burma Nov. 6 to 17, photojournalist and educator Seth Butler will join Craig to tour his favorite cities of Burma (Myanmar). Seth has spent the last decade going back to Myanmar to document the changing culture and incredible people of this complex nation. Together, Craig and Seth will guide photographers to their favorite off-the-beaten-path temples, markets and other hidden treasures of this gorgeous country.

Destination trips are open to all photographers, not solely those with Leica cameras, though each trip allows attendees to use the latest Leica cameras for their projects.

In an alliance wholly unique to the workshop industry, Leica has selected Momenta Workshops as the exclusive producer for the Destination workshop series in 2017. Momenta's expertise in leading quality documentary workshops and it's exceptional track record of producing more than 50 workshops to countries in Asia, Africa and the Americas made it the perfect match for Leica's ongoing effort to engage both serious and novice photographers in exciting venues around the world.

Leica Akademie's international workshops are far from an off-the-rack experience.

Some of the outstanding features to expect:

  • Personal Teaching Approach: Portfolio reviews, hands-on instruction and style-development with each instructor.
  • Photo Skills Building: Guided instruction on workflow and archiving techniques will help photographers become more fluid in their processes.
  • Our Favorite Spots: Custom-built itineraries will take attendees to known and hidden locations in countries we know like the back of our hands.
  • Luxurious Accommodation: Each 4+ star hotel is handpicked to allow photographers the comfort and relaxation deserved after a long day's shoot.
  • Delicious meals: Breakfasts & dinners will feature local and Euro-American options as well as recommendations for our favorite bars and lunch spots in each city.
  • No tour buses: In-country travel will use cars, SUVs and minivans to encourage small group discussions while traveling.
  • No roommates: Single-room accommodations are included for all guests allow for privacy and comfort during the journey.

Leica Masterclass Series

The Leica Destinations are not the only new additions to the Leica Akademie line. The Leica Akademie Masterclass series offers the chance to work alongside and receive feedback from some of the industry's best known and accomplished photographers.

* Coming in the summer of 2017, additional workshops are planned with Danny Wilcox Frazier in San Francisco and Arthur Meyerson in Los Angeles.

Leica in the Landscape Workshops

Photographers with an interest in landscape photography will want to check out the expanded line up of Leica in the Landscape workshops. These all-inclusive week long trips take the guess work out of location and trip planning, allowing students to focus on photography.

This year's locations include four programs, at U.S. National Parks, taught by veteran Leica photographers Thomas Brichta and Mike Phaling.

One Day Leica Product Workshops

Current owners of Leica products can spend a day dedicated to ensuring that they are getting the most from their Leica camera. Offered throughout the year at Leica stores and boutiques, the schedule currently includes events for owners of the Leica M, D-Lux and Q cameras. Leica SL Intensive weekends are planned for the spring.

Leica Pro Imaging Workshops

Fly over Manhattan with Leica Pro system specialist John Kreidler and Master photographer Tom Grill for an aerial photography course with a hands-on inflight session with the Leica S and SL professional systems. Be prepared to come face to face with some of New York's most iconic landmarks from a perspective rarely seen.

For a full list of programming, including information about this year's trip to the Leica Camera factory in Germany and programs in Hawaii and South America when information is posted, visit

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