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26 January 2017

Swiftly flow the years, as the song from Fiddler on the Roof goes. For many of our swiftly flowing years we rarely saw a sunrise or sunset. But, as you may be tired of hearing, we get our fill now with a captivating view of the Pacific Ocean.

Sunset. The last storm.

It's captivating in a different way when a storm moves in. You can't see anything out the window. And the rain batters against the glass as if it were looking for a way in. A few days ago we watched it flow uphill in waves, driven by 65-mph gusts. Captive all right.

Trees came down, fences blew over, lower elevations were flooded. And the drought ended in Northern California. How we miss the drought.

When we dared to look out the window one quiet evening, we saw the remnants of the last storm system floating over the Pacific, hiding the setting sun. The sun rays coming through the clouds looked painted on the sky. Golden below in the yellow light, silver above piercing the blue sky.

And just a few days ago we caught the morning light reflected on the Pacific. There were only a few traces left of the deep color of night as the clouds blushed with rose light. We just stood and stared. And took a picture.

Sunrise. Just a hint of rose.

Different cameras, different lenses. At these sizes, you can't tell.

We thought they'd make excellent sample images for testing the Raw editing and retouching tools in Capture One 10 and ON1 Photo Raw. But we found ourselves working on them in Photoshop CC first to develop benchmarks for comparison.

Funny thing about sunrises and sunsets. You can't brag childishly about their size. Each one is unique. Beautiful in its own way. Like people.

They mark one season following another. Laden with happiness -- and tears.

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