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31 January 2017

In a blog post today, the Snapseed team announced the first update to the smartphone image editing app in 2017. Among the new features are the addition of a Curves tool, improved Face Detection, improved grain quality in Black & White and improved line wrapping in the Text tool.

The Curves tool includes presets to get you started. But it isn't that hard if you understand the concept.

The diagonal line represents the tones in a single color channel or the tones in a black-and-white image. Tones run from black on the left to white on the right. You may see a graph or histogram at the bottom of the grid representing existing values in the image.

By clicking on the straight line, you select a tone to manipulate. Drag it up to lighten it or down to darken it.

The improved Face Detection was best described by Google's John Nack:

Oh and in the new(-ish) Face filter, if face detection fails, you can tell it to try harder -- by tapping a button that literally says "Try Harder."

The update is rolling out today.

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