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24 February 2017

On the eastern side of San Francisco, Mission Bay has been transformed into a medical community with small industrial shops still clinging to the other side of the tracks that run under the freeway.

Between the Rumbalino's maintenance and our own medical care, we've been spending a lot of time there recently. Earlier this week, we caught it in a cloudy mood. We only had a few minutes before our appointment to walk around the block in the blustery wind to see what we could find.

Modern architecture, certainly. That lends itself to a certain composition that reminds us geometric abstract expressionism. Every color confined to a geometric space, the colors themselves singing the song intended to be heard.

You frame those sort of shots the way the buildings tell you to frame them.

You frame those sort of shots the way the buildings tell you to frame them. And when you get back to the studio, you rely on your perspective control tools to undo the damage the angle you had to shoot at caused.

But there are other scenes, too. The locked bike whose chrome reflects the boldly colored buildings, its handle bars pointing wistfully to the street. A glimpse of downtown beyond an intersection. Storm clouds darkening the industrial area's For Lease signs.

And then there are the tracks. A crosswalk takes you safely over them. So we stopped a second, the gates up, and aimed the camera up them toward the city. The freeway above made a concrete canopy.

A few minutes later, back in the car, the commuter train rolled by. And then we, too, left Mission Bay.

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