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1 March 2017

We stayed up late last night to archive Volume 6 Number 2 of Photo Corners with 17 Features, 22 commented news stories, 23 Editor's Notes (which included over 86 items of interest), two reviews and two site notes for a total of 66 stories.

THE BIG INCREASE was in feature stories in what turned out to be a slow news month despite CP+ in Japan. We countered that with what was probably one of the more interesting months of Around The Horn pieces, in which we curate the more interesting photographic-related things we've seen on the Web.

Features are stories that are unique to Photo Corners, of course. In addition to our book and equipment reviews, they include our continuing education series of Saturday matinees, our photo excursions in California showcased in our Friday Slide Shows and lessons in both capture and post production tailored for either beginners or pros, smartphone users of dSLR photographers.

That subject mix covers quite a bit of ground but it keeps things lively around here.

February was Googlebot free and it showed in our stats.

FEBRUARY WAS GOOGLEBOT FREE and it showed in our stats. We're still not sure why Google was slamming us early in the year but our only defense has been to block the bot. Or, you know, we'd be selling pencils on the sidewalk to keep the site up.

A few days ago, as we approached the end of the month with extra bandwidth available, we lifted the sanction against Googlebot so it could update its index with our February stories. And it seems to have done that.

We expect we'll have to disable it in again shortly, perhaps restoring it at the end of the month again. But we haven't yet seen the stats for the latest hit.

So you're best bet is still to use Mike's Method or, if you're in a hurry, Bing to search the site. But we're keeping an eye on the situation. We suspect something went haywire at Google and when they figure it out and no longer abuse our bandwidth, we'll be happy to have them index the site regularly again.

OUR TOP STORIES were two news items, one on the Leica M sets and the other DxO's update to OpticsPro. But they were closely followed by two matinees, our Hasselblad story from the beginning of the month and our review of LaserSoft Imaging's SRDx plug-in.

Part of our update today was to open the 2017 index and update all the other year-long index of headlines. These are the main headline page for an entire year, which can be an interesting historical dig or, if you like to look like we do, just a fun scroll through the lead photos.

As we march on, we'll complete our review of the Epson Fast Foto, which we've become rather fond of, and plug away at our image editing software reviews while we continue to promptly bring you the news that matters.

Stay tuned!

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