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8 March 2017

To celebrate International Women's Day today, Phase One is highlighting the work of several women photographers including fashion and beauty photographer, Andrea Zvadova.

Andrea Zvadova. See more at Phase One.

The interview with Zvadova discusses her background, advice for women thinking about a career in photography and her plans for the future. It's accompanied by several of her images as well.

"The presence of women in the photography industry is rising," Zvadova said. "And I think the professional industry reflects that already. If you want a great image, you don't consider if the photographer is a man or a woman; you always look at the portfolio to get the best results."

From the interview page, you can also find the inspirational stories of three other women photographers:

  • Alexia Sinclair, who is best known for her intense color photographs portraying historical and allegorical figures.
  • Wheaton Mahoney, whose passion is portraiture, which has earned her several awards. She's been carrying a camera since she was a teenager.
  • Bella Kotak, a fine art and fashion photographer who creates fairy-tale world bursting with blossoming flowers.

For join the celebratin, start at the Zvadova page.

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