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27 March 2017

Lemkesoft has released GraphicConverter 10.4, the Swiss Army knife image editing utility, with 18 new features and 7 updated ones in addition to a few bug fixes. It's the first update since version 10.3.1 was released on Jan. 6.


The full list of new features includes:

  • Added 32-bit per channel support
  • Batch: added add border batch
  • Prefs window: option to display complete file path
  • EBM import and export
  • Browser: added context menu entry to lock/unlock all
  • Open: added calling of QuickTime modernizer for old legacy movie formats
  • Prefs Convert&Modify: option to activate all cores for parallel batch conversion
  • Batch: added rename batch
  • Batch: multiply alpha channel by factor
  • Menu: added "Browse Amazon Drive"
  • Menu: added "Texturizer"
  • Preferences: added option to select maps provider (general/maps)
  • Slide Show: added toolbox item to edit picture change behaviour
  • Open: added ipm import
  • Menu: smart crop textbox
  • RAF: added reading of exif data from Fujifilm RAF Raw files
  • Browser context menu:added option to set label from xmp:label
  • Prefs open: open to suggest always last open path


Updated features include:

  • Save for Web: added www ready filename option
  • Preferences open/tools
  • Improved manual download
  • Browser keywords palette: option to apply automatically parent keywords
  • Updated Czech, French, Danish, Japanese, Swedish localization
  • Improved contact options
  • Improved metadata fetching in the browser


GraphicConverter 10.4 requires Mac OS 10 10.9 or higher.


The $39.95 utility is available directly from Lemkesoft or, with reduced functionality, from the Mac App Store. Upgrades from version 9 are $25.95.

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