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28 March 2017

Will Chambers, editor-in-chief at Steve's Digicams has announced that founder Steve Sanders has passed away at the age of 64.

Sanders founded Steve's Digicams in 1997 to share his passion for the burgeoning field of digital photography. His reviews of the new digital cameras were widely respected for their accessibility and down-to-earth approach. And they helped to established digital photography as a legitimate alternative to film photography.

Despite being wheel-chair bound, Sanders grew the site himself, publishing daily news in addition to his reviews. He even had the energy to email us in 2003 to ask if the RoadStor CD burner we had reviewed could handle large cards, which at the time were just 1-GB.

We didn't have a card that large at the time, but we chased the story down. For which he was grateful.

In Steve Sanders R.I.P., Michael Johnston at The Online Photographer remembers his association with Sanders as well.

We join him in expressing our condolences to those who mourn his loss.

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