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1 April 2017

We've just archived Volume 6 Number 3 of Photo Corners with 19 Features, 34 commented news stories, 24 Editor's Notes (which included well over 100 items of interest), three reviews and one site note for a total of 81 stories.

ON THE EDITORIAL FRONT, we tossed a little change-up at you with our Around The Horn column. Our modus operandi has been to publish the piece when we find four items of interest. But this month, we ignored the four item limit. Quite a few of the columns consequently had more than four items.

Not many more, because we don't want to slow you down. But we're curious if you've found the expanded format provides more bang for your buck or if you've found it just more work. Use the Feedback button below to let us know.

ON THE READERSHIP FRONT, we think we've finally hit the right balance between the needs of search bots to keep the site indexed and real people to actually enjoy the site. We had to throttle back Bing as we throttle back Google but both seem to have helped preserve our bandwidth for real users rather than site indexing bots.

The last few months have been a breakout period for Photo Corners.

We've been surprised to discover Bing doesn't return complete results for some reason. You will get hits on your search term but the whole site doesn't seem to be indexed. Compare it to Mike's Method (which doesn't skip -- or index -- anything) sometime to see the difference.

Even with our tweaks, the site is getting about three times the attention it was getting late last year. That's a good thing.

Even better is that we set a record with unique sites with well over 16,000 of you reading 985,931 pages.

Most surprising of all were our top stories. Leading the way was our news story Beyond The Bars Takes On Conditions At European Zoos. And it wasn't close. That story alone was read over 10 times more than the second place piece. Go figure.

Second place would have easily been first place any other month. It was our matinee on food photography. We suspect Satchmo had something to do with that. Can't get that tune out of our head.

Following a good bit behind but close together were our obituary for Don Hunstein, our Epson FastFoto conclusion and our City Walk slide show. That's an ideal mix to our editorial mind.

But, as usual, everything got looked over pretty well. The least read items still managed to score 10 times our minimum level for inclusion in the count. And those tend to be the most recent items at that.

One thing is clear. The last few months have been a breakout period for Photo Corners. Whether you're new around here or an old friend, we appreciate your interest and hope we're providing news you can use and even a little entertainment now and then.

Well, six days a week, that is.

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