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1 April 2017

We just hate to delete anything. That's why there have been so many closed events listed in the Calendar. But we've finally come up with a solution for that: a calendar of events archive.

Instead of deleting events from the current calendar after they've closed (well, way after they've closed), we now move them to a archive calendar that collects all the events that closed in a particular year.

We used to keep the closed events around as a reminder to visit the various institutions for current exhibit information. But we can do that from a historical calendar, too. So expect to see less archived material in the current calendar.

We're not sure the historical calendars have much value to anyone except us. We're always looking things up for no earthly reason. But they can't hurt.

Because there are only closed events in the historical calendars, they don't offer any filters. But they can still be sorted by clicking on the column headings.

And just to sweeten the pot, we've updated our current Calendar today with a number of current and upcoming events.

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