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10 April 2017

Fotofabriek has announced its commitment to "public production" of its photobooks by installing cameras in its equipment that follow a photobook through several phases of production.

Inside Pages. Glue is applied to the inside pages before the cover is measured and cut to size.

The process not only allows visual updates of your order's progress through the plant but also delivers a souvenir video showing the title's actual production.

Phases covered include printing, cover lamination, hardcover binding, inside page binding, headband production and packaging. The videos are available for download 20 minutes after the process had begun and can be deleted immediately if preferred.

Public production is available for the firm's hardcover photobooks only at the moment but it expects to expand it to other processes in the future.

Example videos can be seen on the company's Web site.

A unique look into the production process of your very own photobook

GRONINGEN, Netherlands -- Fotofabriek provides customers with a unique look behind the scenes by using build-in cameras inside its machines. This transparency gives customers the opportunity to follow the production of their own photobook. This makes Fotofabriek the first company in the world of printing that let's customers take a peek into the making of their personalized product.

It's almost obvious that a company should share the order status with it's clients. But usually, clients can only see where the product is at a certain time in the production process. Fotofabriek however, takes this one step further. Consumers will be taken on a journey through the production of their own photobook and will be able to see exactly how their photobook is made after receiving a unique video. Fotofabriek is the first company worldwide to use this technique called "Public Production."

This unique innovation allows customers to be more involved with their products. It's evident that this is a step in the good direction, thanks to the enthusiastic responses from the clients of Fotofabriek. This product video is shared an average of five times with both friends and family. Customers appreciate the transparency and love to see that their albums aren't just made by machines, but also by people.

These personal production video's allow the people who created their photobooks to see how their product transforms from a digital file, into a real life photobook. These build-in cameras of several machines register every movement. The computer recognizes each photobook by scanning their respective barcodes and proceeds to check if the customer wishes to receive their personalized video or not. If this isn't the case, the computer will immediately delete the video. Twenty minutes after the production process has started, the customer will receive their unique video by email which gives them the option to immediately download the video.

Every single video is checked for the amount of movement that was made within the machine. If this is either too much or too little, the video's will be rejected. Currently, only the production of hardcover books is being recorded. However, this system has been designed to be implemented into other machines in the future as well.

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