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10 April 2017

We don't belong to a gym. To break a sweat, we practice the ancient art of yard work. Today's session included hauling some storm damage out of the weeds, sawing it down so it fit in the recycle bin and dusting out hands off.

White Mushrooms. But not on today's menu.

But when we pulled out one old trunk, we were amused to find a row of scalloped mushrooms hanging on for the ride. They were as white a mushroom as those cute little buttons you find in the store.

We didn't lick our chops, though. Every few years we hear of some mushroom expert who foraged their way to liver disease and sudden death. We prefer to go the slow way. With carbs.

We took advantage of the unusual growth, though, to take a break, get the camera and snap a shot.

Refreshed we went back to work on the tall weeds until we felt the need for a handful of spinach. Passing by our white mushrooms, we did a double take. They weren't white at all. They were wood.

Wooden Mushrooms. They do impersonations.

Turns out the clever little things camouflage themselves on one side to look like wood.

Hence today's lesson. Look at both sides of your subject before you power down and put your camera away.

Unless, of course, you are trying to maximize the number of yard work breaks you can take.

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