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13 April 2017

With today's publication of our Signature 13 bag review, we're iconizing our Photo Corners' ratings under the table of contents. Why? Because we can.

Actually, it's to remind us to assign one to four photo corners to each product we review. Because we forget now and then. Usually when the product fails to excite us despite possessing enough merits to bring it to your attention.

You might wonder why we're using all Top Left corners in our ratings. Well, it is our logo, after all. But, as geezers like us all know, that's the only kind there are. Open a package of photo corners and you'll find they're all identical.

Which does not prevent you from rotating them to fit the various corners of a print.

Open a package of photo corners and you'll find they're all identical.

Only in the peculiar land of CSS shapers are there four distinct corners. And when we did try to align them in a pleasing (or at least amusing) line-up, they looked decidedly confused. So we lined them up as if they were holding a photo -- and we stared at the blank spot between them.

So it's our logo, repeated one to four times. Because we can. And because we forget.

To see them on your phone, view the page in landscape orientation. You know, turn your phone sideways.

At the same time we made another tweak. But this one you shouldn't notice.

Actually it was two tweaks. We consolidated our CSS color names so things like #000000 and #000 just became the more intelligible "black." And grays like #cccccc just became the shorter #ccc.

Then we minified the CSS file so it takes a bit less time to download. That strips out all the comments and white space, leaving just the instructions.

We hadn't done that before because we spend time in there tweaking things now and then and preferred a readable version. But it was getting big.

We didn't see any ill effects from this optimization (which we may extend to a few other included files, like our Javascript, which we don't edit much). But if you do, you know what to do. Don't tweet, don't cry, use the Feedback button below.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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