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14 April 2017

It was 2005. We had come to the end of the long ride up the Salinas Valley from Pismo Beach in the heat of summer. I peel off Highway 101 to drive west to Monterey and the cool coast.

By the it's the middle of the afternoon. Time enough for the 17 Mile Drive through Pebble Beach and Pacific Grove.

It's worth the price of admission, which is about $10, to get a glimpse of its famous landmarks: The Lone Cypress, Bird Rock, Pebble Beach, that coastline. And to add a little bang to our buck, we got out of the car every now and then to take it all in.

You feel released from the ties that bind and bound to something beautiful instead.

Whenever Easter rolls around, we remember our visit to the 17 Mile Drive. There was something bracing about it. The warm sunshine, the salty air, the brilliant color of the ocean. You feel released from the ties that bind and bound to something beautiful instead.

We had dinner on a wharf in Monterey before going up Highway 1 in the twilight to San Francisco. But we didn't go straight home. We drove up Twin Peaks to see the lights of city welcoming us home.

These images (17 of them, actually) were taken as JPEGs with a Nikon 990 and processed in Lightroom CC. We did export them using an Adobe RGB profile instead of our usual sRGB profile because the conversion to sRGB undid much of our color edits in Lightroom. To see if your browser can render ICC profiles correctly, take this Web browser color management test.

And that's all we're going to say so you can spend more time enjoying the beauty these images captured one lovely afternoon in 2005.

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