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18 April 2017

We'd taken a long hike on the last weekend of spring training with the Final Four still in contention for the NCAA crown. So long a hike, in fact, that we knew we couldn't make it home without a hamburger. So we slipped into the Parkside Tavern for sustenance.

Mirror, Mirror. Who's the fairest of them all? Nevermind, bring me a menu.

As we waited for our food, we took this snapshot of the big mirror hanging across from the bar. It's big and made the lovely wooden bar itself look like doll furniture.

Hanging high on the wall, it really served no useful purpose. Why, we couldn't even see ourselves in it.

But it did catch the light from the street and gave a sense of elegance to the neighborhood restaurant that argued it was no local dive.

And it wasn't. The food was perfect and we felt a lot better, especially since the Giants were handling the A's.

We grabbed a streetcar to get home, watching a young woman care for two small children by giving one of them Girl Scout mints and the other child one of the earpieces to her phone headphones so he could hear the video they were chuckling over.

Of such small things, Mirror, is happiness made, we thought. Even though our feet were killing us.

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