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25 April 2017

There is no denying the romance of this balcony. We came across it on a recent walk and had to laugh. It's sort of a door to nowhere. Which answers the question, "Wherefore art thou?"

The Balcony. 'Where U at?' we'd say today.

No point going to the expense of building a porch for the thing. The prudent remodeler might have turned it into a window except there already was one. The cheaper remodeler would have just closed it in.

You don't need much imagination to build walls.

But here the architect (let's call the person no less) imagines Shakespeare's Juliet leaning over the iron railing, only a foot on the small pedestal porch to lean out and look for her beloved.

But it works for the pizza delivery guy, too. The front door is just underneath at the left.

Practical but romantic. Romantic but practical.

Editing this Raw file was tricky because there was no really dark element in the image beyond the black, detail-free iron work. And no shadows means no drama. And without drama, there's no Shakespeare.

So we fudged some middle tones into shadows. But we couldn't go too far because the balcony door itself is in shadow.

We sliced off a little of the right side and more of the left to narrow the image to a 16:9 aspect ratio. More image would have told less of the tale. This way, you come around the first building, spy the balcony and see the gate to it.

All you need is someone up there beseeching, "Wherefore art thou?"

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