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26 April 2017

Adobe has released several updates for Adobe Stock Contributors to make it more efficient to upload and submit photo, video or other assets to Adobe Stock.

The new capabilities include:

Contribute from Adobe Photoshop Mix

  • Adobe Photoshop Mix on iOS now allows mobile photographers to upload their images directly to Adobe Stock. After you've finished editing with the Mix app, send your file directly to the Adobe Stock Contributor Portal.

Contributor Portal Feature Updates

  • Auto-categorization: Automate the submission process. Powered by Adobe Sensei, the auto-categorization tool analyzes your image, compares it to the Adobe Stock database of millions of assets and mirrors the category from top images that are like your submission.
  • CSV Uploads: Video submissions don't need to be hard with CSV uploads. Simply attach a CSV file containing tagging information with titles and keywords and Adobe Stock will match them for you.

For more information see New for Adobe Stock Contributors: Auto-Categories, Mobile Uploads From Adobe Photoshop Mix, and More.

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