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26 April 2017

Someone (who won't say who) neglected to enable the Do Not Disturb feature of their smartphone last night. So at three in the morning the little Zen-like chime of a text message woke us up.

"We're on our way!" the message said below a picture of a few of the family members who had just boarded their early morning flight to Chicago. They just wanted to let us know.

How thoughtful.

To get back at them, we could have waited until later tonight when they would all be in comas. But we decided to prank them before they arrived.

We saved the image and uploaded it to Jonathan Cresswell's Break Your Own News where we added the headline and ticker before sending it on its way.

Then we went back to sleep.


That chime woke me up too. Having just finished a gig at the Alley Cat at 2 a.m., luckily I was still awake. Who are these refugees?

-- Judy Amic-Angelo

Oh, let's just treat the poor souls as family when they get here. As the Pope says in his surprise TED talk, "Let us help each other, all together, to remember that the 'other' is not a statistic, or a number. We all need each other." -- Mike

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