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16 May 2017

Adobe has announced six new Creative Residents who have pledged to use their talents "to make a positive impact in both the creative community and around the world." In return the company will provide "access to the best creative tools and resources plus the opportunity to share their learnings and creative insights across a larger creative community."

Over the next year, the Creative Residents will focus on a personal creative project -- from portraying the identity of Americans across the U.S. to using art and design to unite a community in Germany.

Two of the six are photograhers: Aundre Larrow of Brooklyn and Julia Nike of Berlin. The full list includes:

  • Aundre Larrow from Brooklyn, N.Y., is a photographer who will create a project called "Echo Chamber," which will connect Americans and their geographic locations to identity and values by documenting with photography, video and audio.
  • Chelsea Burton is a designer from Erie, Penn., who will create her own line of signature longboards, focusing on material sustainability and quality, as well as her artwork messaging.
  • Jessica Bellamy from Louisville, Ky., is a graphic designer who will bring together her design talents and her passion for social justice and social impact and will create a toolkit for non-profits to tell their stories.
  • Julia Nimke from Berlin, Germany, is a passionate traveler who will use her camera to examine the natural world through Europe's four seasons and document the changing light through a variety of photographic techniques.
  • Natalie Lew is a Seattle-based UX/UI designer who will craft an open-source toolkit aimed at equipping designers with resources to make positive, interdisciplinary impact on both small and large scales.
  • Rosa Kammermeier is a graphic and letterhead designer based in Munich, Germany, who plans to design "messages of positivity and happiness in urban environments" to bring happiness and positivity to urban life, stopping pedestrians in their tracks with powerful design.

For more information about Adobe's Creative Resident program, visit Being an Adobe Creative Resident.

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