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17 May 2017

With the announcement of a JSON feed today by Manton Reece and Brent Simmons, we've added a JSON feed of the site to our other ways to follow developments here.

Our RSS feed is XML, of course, and will remain active. Adding the JSON feed just provides another way to be notified when new stories are published at Photo Corners.

Note that only the RSS, JSON, Twitter and Apple News feeds report every story as it is published. If you follow us on LinkedIn or Google+, you're missing much of the content we publish.

It's no more work for us because the feeds are updated as stories are converted from their simple marked-up ASCII files into HTML. We just have to upload one more file to the server.

At the moment, the JSON feed does not go back as far as the RSS feed, which goes back over two months. But when we've confirmed our automatic updates are working correctly, we'll convert the XML data to JSON so the feeds are identical.

Update (22 May): Betamagic has updated its $9.99 News Explorer app to version 1.6 with support JSON feeds.

Update (30 May): We had been experiencing a mysterious issue with our JSON feed that we only just today resolved. Our Apache server was delivering it as the wrong MIME type. The readers we were having trouble with reported this as an invalid feed. There was nothing un-JSON about the feed (it passed JSON validation tests) but it wasn't being served as an application/json MIME type until we add that to our .htaccess file for the site. Now that that's cleared up, you can see how pretty the feed looks.

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