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6 June 2017

Apple has updated its iCloud storage pricing plans at its World Wide Developers Conference this week. And they're lower. The following chart lists the new pricing plans for U.S. customers:

Up to 5-GB Free
Up to 50-GB $0.99
Up to 200-GB $3.99
Up to 2-TB $9.99

Previously, $9.99 bought you 1-TB storage, an option that is no longer available.

The free 5-GB option is sufficient for syncing system data like contacts, bookmarks and calendars but works only a temporary solution for images and videos.

Adobe provides 20-GB storage with a $49.99/month Creative Cloud membership or single app membership, except for the $9.99/month Creative Cloud Photography or free memberships, which only provide 2-GB storage.

Google, in contrast, provides unlimited free storage for photos and videos.

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