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7 June 2017

Photographers, food stylists and art buyers from 30 different countries across all five continents met from May 18 to 21 in Vejle, Denmark, for the FoodPhoto Festival 2017.

The festival culminated in the screening and Award ceremony at the Torvehallerne Hotel as American photographer Carmen Troesser won the FoodPhoto 2017 Award and Maisie Crow, also from the USA, took home the FoodFeature 2017 Award.

Out of a selection of 86 nominated photographers the jury recognized the following finalists and award winners.


Hungry. From Maisie Crow's multimedia production.

The FoodFeature 2017 Award was awarded to Maisie Crow for the multimedia production Hungry, Living with Prader-Willi Syndrome. The jury citation read:

Maisie Crow's work "Hungry" was the clear winner for everyone on the jury. The pictures fit the topic very clearly. Sequences that told a story on their own and at the same time documented powerlessness and anguish in the face of illness. Even without the moving images and music/speech, the photos were moving, haunting and unique in themselves (composition, etc.). Photo reportage that could hardly be better. "

The finalists of the FoodFeature 2017 Award included: Ann-Sophie Deldycke (Belgium), Julia Hoersch (Germany), Maisie Crow, Steven Achiam (Denmark) and Sylvan Mueller (Switzerland).


Recollections. By Carmen Trösser.

The FoodPhoto 2017 Award was awarded to Carmen Trösser for her photo series Recollections. The jury said:

With each individual picture, Carmen Trösser manages to lead the viewer into a remarkable world. In some cases the subjects are very minimal and simple, but through her own quiet type of photography, the viewer is afforded the opportunity to discover the photo's subject for themselves. As the photographer, Carmen Trösser remains in the background and allows the subject to speak for itself. The beauty of the still lifes and details is tremendous, while avoiding becoming too perfect. Life remains the subject without coming across as artificial. Simple, calm, quiet and never obtrusive. Carmen Trösser puts the subject on display but nothing is forced. The simplest food becomes a timeless work of art."

The finalists FoodPhoto 2017 Award included: Carmen Trösser, Poul Ib Henriksen (Denmark), Renè Riis (Denmark-Germany), Stèphane Bahic (France) and Signe Birck (Denmark-USA).


The jury for the selection of finalists and winners consisted of six members:

  • Peter Steiner -- Award-winning art director of the largest food magazine in Germany Der Feinschmecker with over 35 years of experience in the advertising and magazine industry.
  • Mary Valentin -- The Chicago food stylist and lecturer has built a career based on the concept that all food relates back to art.
  • Emma Syrett -- Founder and director of Creative Management Agency and an art buyer with over 20 years industry experience working on global brands for advertising and design agencies and direct clients.
  • Ute Hammer -- Originally an art historian, she is currently vice president of the biggest calendar publisher in Europe.
  • Catherine Delaloye -- General manager of Production Paradise, an online directory and platform for connecting with art buyers, Delaloye_ has many years experience working in the visual media industry, principally with professional photographers.
  • Per Anders Jörgensen -- Co-editor in chief of award-winning gastronomic magazine Fool and winner of the FoodPhoto and FoodFeature 2015 Awards.

The FoodPhoto Art Exhibition 2017 will be open to visit free of charge until the June 16 in the Vejle locations of Spinderihallerne, Spinderihallerne Farveriet and Bryggen.

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