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7 June 2017

In a post on Medium today, Haje Jan Kamps announced "the source code for both our Triggertrap iOS app and our Triggertrap Android app now available for download from GitHub." The company closed earlier this year before releasing its dongle hardware design as open source. The current apps themselves are still available on the Google Play store and Apple's App store.

According to the announcement, Triggertrap's lead iOS engineer Ross Gibson will take on development of the Triggertrap Timelapse Pro app for iOS and be the repository master for the Triggertrap Mobile for iOS app. He'll also continue to publish the Triggertrap app on the Apple store.

No one has yet claimed the Android app repository.

The piece concludes:

Triggertrap has been an incredible journey for everyone who's been involved with it. Even with the company in the process of winding down, I hope that the story has an opportunity to continue without the team that was driving it. With the software and hardware now out there as open source, I hope it continues to thrive and help photographers do what photographers do best: Create amazing images.

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