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8 June 2017

We've always listed our contact information on our Contact page and we include a Feedback button on every story we post, so it's never been difficult to get in touch with us. But a button on the home page to submit a scoop to us can't hurt.

It wasn't hard work. We wanted it to look like a form button, so we used a small featureless form to direct you to the actual submission form itself, which is pretty simple.

It just requires the detail field to be filled out. If you submit your name and email address, we can contact you with questions, but they aren't required. We'll do the leg work anyway.

You don't have to be Deep Throat to use the form. You can use it to let us know about something you saw on the Web that you think we should know about by just dropping a link into the Details field.

You can find it in the top left corner of the home page just under the last updated time.

It's simple, fast and easy -- so keep us in the loop!

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