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12 June 2017

Andrew Darlow, who publishes The Imaging Buffet, has launched his new 194-page book Focus & Filter with a bonus package valued at $100 when you order the book from the launch page by June 19.

The Darlows. Andrew, son Tyler and wife Belinda.

We have been reading through the book's 50 pro assignments for our upcoming review but we had to ask Darlow about that title.

"You can focus a camera," he replied, "and you can focus your mind's eye on a subject so there's that. And you can use filters on cameras, but you have to filter out everything that you don't want in the frame, so there are two ways of looking at that." There you go, two tips right on the cover.

It took him two years to put the book together, he told us "but I'm happy to be able to share a lot of the little tips, tricks, DIY items and equipment I've been using to get my work done for 20+ years behind the camera."

Which, we have to say, is precisely what we're enjoying about the book.


In addition to a free download of the first 25 pages of the book, Darlow is offering a $100 bonus package which includes:

  • The video Portrait Editing with Lightroom by Joe Brady
  • The video Landscape Editing with Lightroom by Joe Brady
  • Royce Bair's ebook How to Photograph the Milky Way: A Quick Guide
  • A five issue compilation of Shadow & Light Magazine in a PDF
  • The ebook version of Darlow's 500-page 301 Inkjet Tips & Techniques, which is on our Classics bookshelf
  • A 30 percent discount for
  • A $5 eGift card from

Darlow, the father of 13-year-old Tyler, has also pledged to apply all the funds raised through this promotion to a campaign for Tyler's recent intensive autism therapy program.


To order the $21.95 book and receive the bonus package, visit the launch page and order before June 19.

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