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12 June 2017

Apple has released a number of image-related videos which include sessions on its new image compression format and iPhone depth capture. Here's the short list with Apple's program notes:


  • Capturing Depth in iPhone Photography with Brad Ford from the camera software team (one hour). Portrait mode on iPhone 7 Plus showcases the power of depth in photography. In iOS 11, the depth data that drives this feature is now available to your apps. Learn how to use depth to open up new possibilities for creative imaging. Gain a broader understanding of high-level depth concepts and learn how to capture both streaming and still image depth data from the camera.
  • Image Editing With Depth with Etienne Guerard, image editor-in-chief (one hour). When using Portrait mode, depth data is now embedded in photos captured on iPhone 7 Plus. In this second session on depth, see which key APIs allow you to leverage this data in your app. Learn how to process images that include depth and preserve the data when manipulating the image. Get inspired to add creative new effects to your app and enable your users to do amazing things with their photos.


  • Introducing HEIF and HEVC with Gavin Thomson, Photos manager, and Athar Shah, CoreMedia manager (36 minutes). High Efficiency Image File Format and High Efficiency Video Coding are powerful new standards-based technologies for storing and delivering images and audiovisual media. Get introduced to these next generation space-saving codecs and their associated container formats. Learn how to work with them across Apple platforms and how you can take advantage of them in your own apps.
  • High Efficiency Image File Format with Davide Concion of the image compression team (half hour). Learn the essential details of the new High Efficiency Image File Format and discover which capabilities are used by Apple platforms. Gain deep insights into the container structure, the types of media and metadata it can handle and the many other advantages that this new standard affords.
  • Working With HEIF and HEVC with Eric Turnquist, CoreMedia engineer, and Brad Ford, camera software (one hour). High Efficiency Image File Format and High Efficiency Video Coding are powerful new standards-based technologies for storing and delivering images and video. Gain insights about how to take advantage of these next generation formats and dive deeper into the APIs that allow you to fully harness them in your apps.


  • What's New in Photos APIs with Eric Hanson, Photos platform evangelist, Hasan Adil, Photos engineer, and Andreas Karlsson, Photos engineer (one hour). Learn all about newest APIs in Photos on iOS and macOS, providing better integration and new possibilities for your app. We'll discuss simplifications to accessing the Photos library through UIImagePickerController, explore additions to PhotoKit to support new media types and share all the details of the new Photos Project Extensions which enable you to bring photo services to Photos for Mac.

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