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13 June 2017

Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors on winning the 2017 NBA Championship last night in Oakland. We know one household where the smiles never faded. Even in direct sunlight.

Curry, Green, Durant. Iguodala, Livingston and McCaw coming soon.

A few years ago the giant cutouts of Steph Curry's head and Draymond Green's head appeared in the front window of the imposing ediface. And last year Kevin Durant's head was added to the collection.

After last night's game, maybe Iguodala, Livingston and McCaw will make it into those windows too.

The House. Needs a few more windows.

But why stop at just six Warriors? They can all play.

Big heads, it turns out, are not what the Warriors are all about. And that's what makes their three-year domination of the NBA even more special. Nice guys can finish first.

Smart guys, too. They could all pass the California bar exam on the first try. Nothing but net, either. You'd be nuts to bet against them.

They come at you in waves. Curry, Durant, Thompson, Green, Pachulia and then Livingston, Igoudala, Clark, Looney, McGee and then McCaw, West, Barnes and Jones with McAdoo, too. If one wave doesn't knock you over, the other will.

Then there's that dangerous undertow to finish you off. The starting five return.

Much has been made about the acquisition of Kevin Durant but Golden State didn't just add the MVP. They had to retool the roster, losing Barbosa, Barnes, Bogut, Ezeli, Rush, Speights, Jason Thompson and Varejao.

The guys who replaced them didn't play very well in a late season loss to San Antonio when Kerr decided to rest his stars. But they significantly outplayed their opponent's bench in the Finals.

Does that make the Warriors one of the greatest teams to ever play the game?

Some stars of other eras, not to mention a panel of experts, don't believe it. The Bulls, Celtics, Lakers all were better, they contend.

In a reflective moment, Kerr had something to say about that the other day:

They would all kill us. The game gets worse as time goes on. Players are less talented than they used to be. The guys in the '50s would've destroyed everybody. It's weird how human evolution goes in reverse in sports. Players get weaker, smaller, less skilled. I don't know. I can't explain it.

You guessed it. He was all smiles.

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