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15 June 2017

As the initial product of its The Hidden Treasures of Creativity campaign, Adobe has released seven digital brushes based on the 100-year-old brushes used by Edvard Munch.

The set of brushes is available for download at no charge.

Adobe teamed up with The Munch Museum in Olso and Photoshop brush maker Kyle T. Webster to create digital versions of the artist's brushes. You can, by downloading the free set of brushes, paint with Munch's brushes.


In a blog post announcing the release, Simon Morris explained how the real brushes were digitized:

To celebrate sharing these important tools with the world, we've set out to digitally recreate seven of the original brushes in the museum. This was done by carefully photographing each individual brush in 360 degrees using ultra-high-resolution cameras to document all angles and details to create an accurate three dimensional representation.

Munch's artistic style and brushwork was closely analysed by art historians and combined with data about the brushes' attributes, including physical properties such as flexibility and bristle type.

These insights were then combined with the knowledge and expertise of Kyle T. Webster, who is known by many as the world's foremost authority on Photoshop brushes. His illustrations and brushes are admired across the world. In collaboration with the museum experts, Kyle transformed all the data into digital representations of Munch's brushes, capturing the exact shape and performance attributes of each brush in digital form and in minute detail.

Here's the video with a download link for the collection:


The company is also running a contest through July 14 that challenges Photoshop and Sketch users to use these brushes to create their own version of Munch's The Scream.

To enter, upload your artwork to Behance with the tag #MunchContest. The winning piece will displayed alongside Munch's greats at The Munch Museum in Oslo and as part of a special Behance collection. In addition, the winner will receive a cash prize of €6,000 and an all-expenses paid trip to Adobe MAX in Las Vegas Oct. 18 to 20.

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