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21 June 2017

Photo Emphermeris recently announced it would release a 3D version of its planning tool for outdoor photographers. The new iOS version of the app to be released June 27 is "a big step forward in letting outdoor photographers see how the light will fall on the land, day or night," the company said.

Requiring iOS 10 or above, the new app shows what any terrain on earth will look like under sunlight, moonlight or star light.

Explaining the attraction, a blog post announcing the new release reported:

A couple of years ago two significant events occurred. Support for 3D graphics applications in iOS was significantly improved -- a pre-requisite for building an app like this. Secondly, we received an email from a trusted user of TPE and professional landscape photographer saying, "wouldn't it be great if..." -- the challenge was accepted!


Benefits of the new version include:

  • Sun, moon and stars are shown against a 3D model of the actual landscape so you can see if the moon is next to a specific mountain peak
  • Controls for date, time of day and camera position are designed with photographers in mind so it's easy to check the light for just the time you need
  • Seeing the light against a topographic map makes it easy to interpret unlike satellite map images which often have shadows baked in
  • In enhanced mode, you can control the focal length of camera, making TPE 3D useful as a guide to composition and lens selection


TPE 3D will be launched June 27 as a paid app for $19.99 with bundle options for owners of the original TPE.

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